Fixed pyramid

COD. 33180101

Material Polypropylene with steel core
Mesh secondo norma EN 1176:2018
Wire diameter Ø 16 mm
Size da H 250 a H 550 cm
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«Hercules»-rope pyramid Ø 16mm prepared for ground fixing at eight points with M14 shackle, with internal horizontal nets at 1 and 2 m from ground level, prepared for attachment to 160mm central pole. Climbing ropes and ladders can join the internal horizontal nets in models over 4.5m in height. Upper hooks with reins, HIC < 100 cm. Various models. Heights from 2.50 to 5.5 m above ground, diameters at ground level from 3 to 6 m. Central pole and swivel cover not included.

Available colours