Wooden bridge

COD. 33180052

Material Erkules rope
Mesh 25x25 cm
Weight 50 Kg
Wire diameter Ø 16 mm
Size Standard lenght 300 cm
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Bridge made by wooden or certified recicled plastic walkway; sides with Erkules rope 16 mm.
Fastening to the structure or to the turrets with eyebolt M10, standard mesh size 25x25 cm, according to norm EN 1176:2018; we can also produce bridges with smaller mesh for amusement parks.
Support Erkules ropes for lenght till 300 cm; over with steel cables 10 mm.
Standard lenght 300 cm H, sides from 90 to 120 cm.
Possibility to use Nylon net mesh 30 mm "no climb".

Available colours

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