Beach volleyball net with customized print «Extra»

COD. 33130011S

Material HD polyethylene
Mesh 100 × 100mm
Weight 4,20kg/piece
Wire diameter 5,0mm
Size 8,50 × 1,00m
Process knotted making
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Beach volleyball net with customized print made of HD polyethylene, cord diameter 5,0mm, mesh 100mmFALSO, color white, UV resistant, thermo-fixed , water-repellent. Headband made of high tenacity PVC 100mm with double stitching and steel cable Ø 5mm. 100mm high tenacity PVC bottom band and Ø 6mm high tenacity polyester rope. Sides finished with 50mm high tenacity PVC bands. Grommets at the corners with cord for tensioning. Customized printing on white PVC band and colored logo.

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