(+) Waterproof multi-purpose tarp

COD. 74100006

Material polyethylene
Weight depends on variant
Size see text
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Waterproof multi-purpose tarp made of polyethylene, UV resistant. Ideal for camping, roofing and protection. Edged and with grommets on each corner.

Item available with the following dimensions:
74100006: 3×2m
74100038: 4×3m (currently not available)
74100001: 4×4m
74100009: 5×3m
74100007: 5×4m (currently not available)
74100012: 5×6m
74100010: 5×7m (currently not available)
74100002: 6×3m (currently not available)
74100004: 6×4m
74100039: 6×7m (currently not available)
74100005: 10×6m

Available colours

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