We manufacture nets since 1946.

The guarantee of safe and certified products only. Made in Italy.

We offer a complete production cycle of synthetic fibre nets.

Our manufacture includes all the processes for the industrial production of synthetic fiber nets: warping, weaving with modern Raschel looms, thermofixing, and manual finishing off depending on the customer’s needs. Moreover, our technical laboratory tests nets and products, according to the actual regulations.

Innovation, research & development.

We look ahead with more than 70 years of experience backwards. We are always at the avant-garde, studying new fields of application for our articles, in order to meet the customers’ needs. Our research and development department constantly works studying and designing customized nets, tested and certified.


A timeless offer

It’s always the right season for a FAR net!
During summer, we focus the production of nets for beach resorts, parishes, sport associations, leisure and adventure parks, farms.
Instead, during winter, we produce especially protection nets for ski slopes, nets for farmings and stables.
All year round, we produce anti-fall nets for construction sites, protection nets, fencing nets for sport courts.


Production data

kg of yarn per year
Machines, including looms, sewing machines and warps
mq of production area, logistics and offices

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