Fall protection nets for construction sites

We specialize in the production of fall preventio nets, accident prevention nets and debris nettings for construction sites and facade renovations, with expertise gained from over 75 years of experience. Produced in multifilament yarn and self-extinguishing nylon, our protective nets are tailored to meet very specific needs of the construction industry. The excellent quality is guaranteed by the constant controls carried out during the company's in-house production cycle, while the product's safety is guaranteed by the certifications in force in the European Union and Italy (UNI EN 1263-1 and UNI EN 1263-2, UNI 11808-1 and UNI 11808-2). Thanks to the special treatments to which they are subjected during the production stage, our protective nets do not undergo color changes and do not lose their typical technical characteristics of resistance. Our protective nets come with product identification seals, the appropriate certificate and an assembly instruction manual. In addition to sales service, we also guarantee after-sales service, offering the possibility of performing tests and renewing certificates of nets as stipulated by current regulations.

You can also choose from a range of nets, suitable for indoor protection, which are accompanied by a certificate of product conformity issued by the Ministry of the Interior certifying their reliability and the class 1 fireproof nature of the materials used.

We also have accessories for fall protection nets such as carabiners, ropes and cordage for the installation of fall protection nets and emergency ladders.

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