Fencing net for basketball courts, Ø 3,0mm, mesh 100mm

COD. KIT33190003-03

Material nylon
Mesh 100x100mm
Weight 80g/m²
Wire diameter 3,0mm
Size tailor-made
Process braid
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Fencing net for basketball courts made of high-tenacity braided nylon cord, diameter 3,0mm, mesh 100mm, knotless netting, UV resistant, thermo-fixed , with fire retardancy certificate class A1 according to UNI 9177 standard, breaking load certified according to UNI EN 1263-1 standard. Suitable for dividing or enclosing volleyball, basketball and handball courts, as well as protection for windows, ceilings and stands of sports halls and gyms, where playing balls can reach with great energy and speed.

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