Protective netting, Ø 1,2mm, mesh 19mm

COD. 33190051

Material HD polyethylene
Mesh 19x19mm
Weight 70g/m²
Wire diameter 1,2mm
Process twisted yarn
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Protective netting made of high-tenacity twisted HD polyethylene cord, diameter 1,2mm, mesh 19mm, knotted netting, color black, UV resistant, thermo-fixed , water-repellent, with fire retardancy certificate class A1 according to UNI 9177 standard, breaking load certified according to UNI EN 1263-1 standard. Protective netting for stadiums, designed to halt objects thrown from the stands and thus ensure safety on the playing fields, providing nonetheless excellent visibility for spectators.

The following finishes are optional:
KIT50030023-01: "Reinforcement edging made of high-tenacity HD polyethylene, cord diameter 6,0mm, UV resistant, water-repellent. Machine stitched around the perimeter of the fencing nets as reinforcement and to facilitate fixing of the nets to the supportive structures. Color according to the color of the net to be reinforced."

Available colours

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