Reinforcement edging (for fencing nets)

COD. KIT50030037-02

Material nylon
Weight 0,020kg/m
Wire diameter 6,0mm
Process braid
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Reinforcement edging (for fencing nets) made of high-tenacity braided nylon cord, diameter 6,0mm, color white. Machine stitched around the perimeter of the fencing nets as reinforcement and to facilitate fixing of the nets to the supportive structures.

Optional finishing (not sold separately), can be ordered with:
33190054: Railing net made of polyester
KIT50020612-1: Debris netting, Ø 1,5mm, mesh 11mm
KIT50021019-02: Protective netting for gyms, Ø 5,0mm, mesh 1...
KIT50021018-07: Protective netting for gyms, Ø 5,0mm, mesh 48mm
KIT50020612-2: Safety netting for stairs, Ø 1,5mm, mesh 11mm
KIT50021018-03: Safety netting for trapeze artists, mesh 48mm
KIT33190007-02: Protective netting, mesh 20mm
KIT33190002-07: Fencing net for baseball fields, Ø 3,0mm, me...
KIT33190055-04: Fencing net for basketball courts, Ø 2,0mm, ...
KIT33190055-01: Fencing net for beach volleyball courts, Ø 2...
KIT33190055-02: Fencing net for volleyball courts, Ø 2,0mm, ...
KIT33190003-05: Fencing net, Ø 3,0mm, mesh 100mm
KIT33190004-03: Fencing net, Ø 3,0mm, mesh 42mm
KIT50021019-01: Fencing net, Ø 5,0mm, mesh 100mm
KIT50021018-06: Fencing net, Ø 5,0mm, mesh 48mm

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