Fall safety netting for chairlift arrival, mesh 70mm

COD. KIT33190035-03

Material HD polyethylene
Mesh 70 × 70mm
Weight 360,0g/m²
Wire diameter 5,0mm
Size tailor-made
Process braid, knotted making
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Fall safety netting for chairlift arrival made of high-tenacity braided HD polyethylene cord, diameter 5,0mm, mesh 70mmFALSO, color white, UV resistant, thermo-fixed , water-repellent, breaking load certified according to UNI EN 1263-1 standard. Perimeter finish with braid having a breaking load of 3,000kg, as required by the standard. Eyelets at the corners for attachment. Supplied with product identification seals and instruction manual for assembly, testing and renewal.

Available colours

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