Safety nets


“We are rearranging our business space and we would like to install a net that hooks, in the upper part, to the ceiling and in the lower part to a wall partition. We would like a net for ornamental purposes only.”


After a detailed interview, useful to identify the customer’s needs, both structural and aesthetic, we proposed a high tenacity nylon net, with a fire reaction certificate class A1, which would meet all the requirements.

Our net with a 48×48 mm mesh and a 5 mm diameter was ideal for this use and was therefore finished with a reinforcing border on the perimeter with a 6 mm diameter rope for a better finish and to facilitate assembly.

An elegant solution that perfectly fits into a space with a young, modern style.

  • YEAR: 2021
  • CATEGORY: Recinzione
  • COMPANY: 3T Bike
  • LOCATION: Presezzo (BG)

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