The Retificio Ribola Battista was born in 1946, when Battista Ribola, expert producer of fishing nets, started manufacturing and trading his articles in Monte Isola, among the fishermen of Iseo Lake. 

In 1950, with the purchase of the first loom, the production capacity increased and became possible to sell nets throughout Italy.  

A handed-down story that turns into a solid tradition

During the years, Battista passed his knowledges to the sons Mario, Giuseppina, Franca and Luigi Ribola who started directing the company in 1979, transforming it, in 1980, into “FAR FABBRICA ARTIGIANALE RETI DI RIBOLA MARIO & C SNC”, with a new headquarter in the center of Sulzano, Brescia. The offer increased and FAR nets began to be distributed also abroad.

Old passions and new tracks

In 1985 Mario Ribola, mountains lover and expert alpine skier, studied and installed as a test the first protection nets on ski slopes, situated in Ponte di Legno (Brescia, Italy). Since that year, the Company started the production of protection nets for ski slopes all around the world. In 1994 the Company started the production of accessories and components for children playgrounds and urban fabric. From the same year, Marilde Colosio, Isabella Ribola, Antonello e Massimiliano Stefini, the children of Giuseppina, Mario and Franca start to joined the Company. In 1995 started the production of safety and protection nets for construction sites and in 1997 the Company moved to the new plant in Provaglio d’Iseo. The development of the Company asked for a new change into company assets and, in 2005, the Company became FAR Fabbrica Artigianale Reti di Ribola Mario & C. SRL. In 2006 FAR gained the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 that guarantees the high level in the quality management. Heart, tradition, passion and work that together with the best raw materials, to the modern machines, to competent hands and attention to the details, let the products FAR be the excellence.